ENENOME™ (think: sea anenome)
Disruptive, solid state lighting design

Mike Hollibaugh (say: holly-bah)
Email: enenome@gmail.com


My name is Mike Hollibaugh.
I design, engineer and manufacture solid state lighting solutions.
I'm passionate, enthusiastic and absolutely love what I do.

Dante's View in Death Valley National Park


ENENOME™ is a symbiotic R&D division of Holly Solar Products, LLC.
HSP, LLC and ENENOME™ design and manufacture application driven, SSL solutions.

Design is often derived by need while disruptive design inspires radical change.
Solid state lighting requires us to rethink the way we design, use and apply light.


Industrial and mechanical product design
Electrical engineering and programming
Electrical assembly, soldering and rework


I conduct lecture and hands on workshops for industry professionals.
I offer cost effective consulting and comprehensive design services.
I collaborate with students, artists, designers, fabricators and engineers.